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  1. RK

    Place : patna

    price can be more competitive, have plans for around 15 doors

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    • BD

      Hi Rajiv,

      Thanks for reviewing! Understand price is important, but remember:

      • Our 0.55 density doors are top quality, resist wear & tear.
      • Latest UV printing delivers stunning, lasting finishes.
      • We offer free shipping for added value.

      No discounts, but invest in quality that lasts. Contact us to discuss your project!

  2. S

    Place : Chennai, Tamil Nadu

    I ordered 25½ width and they delivered 26 size door and carpenter had to cut the extra size at the end I paid extra charges for that. Well Door is good and provided in time.

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    • BD

      Thank you for your feedback. As you mentioned, your frame is not at a right angle, causing it to be out of alignment. In response, we provided the extra door size to address the frame angle issue. We regret any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.